I'm considering purchasing one of these guitars;



They're relatively cheap, but will be adequate for me, as I'm not gigging or anything. I just want a guitar with a solid top and cutaway, and am hoping they will be decent anyway.

They're pretty much the same, but with different woods for the top. The WD10SCE has Alaskan Sitka Spruce (sounds nice :-)) and the WD11SCE has Cedar. Presumably they will give a slightly different tone. I don't know whether it'll even be noticeable though.

But anyway, I think the other specs are pretty much identical. So should I go for one over the other? I'm drawn towards the Sitka Spruce because it sounds delicious.

I'd appreciate some information/ advice.

Well Washburn don't get many praise's in this forum. I would say the general consensus around here

is that there are better guitars for the money out there. I must admit they look really appealing,

but as always, let your ears be the judge. Cheers
Cheers guys. Yeah, I would be going for one with a cutaway. And yeah, for the money, I'm not expecting greatness. Just adequate... ness. Which I'm pretty sure isn't even a word. But there you go. Thanks again.
I've owned a couple of Washburn acoustics, and I think they make a pretty good guitar for the money. One difference between the two you are considering is the WD10 has a spruce top and the WD11 is cedar. Which is better? Try them both and see which you like. Cedar is a softer wood, and doesn't require a "breaking in." Spruce will tend to sound better with age and being played.

The WD10 also is a cutaway design which might be useful if you play much above the 12th fret, and it comes with built in under-saddle piezo pickup and preamp. So if you will ever need to amplify it, you're set to go.
Hai I am a user WAshburn Type J.28 (Forrest lee Bender) sound is Good I think you should have it Too