I was wondering if it were possible to post 2 different tabs of the same songs, but the difference is the tuning? It's a Korn song. Usually they use A Standard on a 7 String but this song only goes as low as D, so i wanted to transcribe to those fans that play on a 7-string and to those that don't have one.
Yep just put the two alternatives of the tab on the tab like the other guy said. Seen this a few times when some alternate tunings are awkward for the average guitar player. Drop D would be accessible to more people than A standard
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Same, I'd include it in the same tab and make it clear. I like this because very few have 7strings or guitars suitable for A.
What's more interesting to me is what tuning are you gonna choose, while people already playing Korn on regular guitars might be using D standard, though the obvious choice is drop D then again the point of it disappears if it's still gonna be a custom tuned track, D powerchords can just be inverted as 557/x002 in standard unless something more fancy is going on. Well, I just started speculating over a few beers. Anyway, include it in same tab and cheers