Ok, hi ya all !!! now currently a bit GASsified, but am stuck dumb. What i was looking for was a nice plush chorus/vibrato pedal, and shortlisted these:

1. catalinbread callisto chorus/vibrato 199.99$
2. greenhouse effects stonefish chorus/vibrato 185$
3. pigtronix quantum time modulator 199$

But then stumbled upon and was charmed by the sound of the Diamond quantum leap (it does chorus, flange and a great short delay 600 ms as well !!). Now the thing is that, does it do chorus as good as the above three pedals? if yes, then, this is the one that i want. But, my budget being 200 maxi, and for this i need to stretch out another 50, i am having second thoughts. However, it all depends on how good it does the chorus. Please keep your comments coming messieurs and mesdames.

The chorus effect i want to use with clean tones mainly, for ambiental stuffs (washed out or otherwise). Thank you.