Looking for some mellow sounding pickups with smooth highs. Want them to be incredibly clean and have a clear precise sound. There for a telecaster with a maple neck and alder body. I play post rock and other ambient guitar, which is why I want them to be mellow clean and precise. I'm happy to have an unmatchinf set of pickups eg a dimarzio in the neck and a seymour duncan in the bridge
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Loller: Almost anything

DiMarzio: Area T set, True Velvet set, Twang King set

Basically it sounds like you want to look at the vintage to moderate output pickups depending on how much oomph you want out of your guitar, the lower output the pickups are the cleaning the signal will be into your amp allowing nice overdrive sound, but most importantly clear as a bell cleans.
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You don't need pickups, you need an effects processor.

I just happen to be selling an HD500. For you, best price.
from the sounds of it you probably want something vintage output. As for specific suggestions, I'm not too well up on tele pickups

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