i want to buy my first delay pedal its a boss pedal
witch one is better , the boss dd3 or the boss dd7 ??
DD7 by far...its got Tap Tempo, Stereo Out, Hold mode for sound on sound, 6.4 seconds of delay and I believe you can plug an expression pedal into a DD7 for control but not a DD3. If your budget allows it I would certainly go for the DD7, it may be a bit overkill but its better to have the options and not need them all the time rather then needing them and not having them.
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Never tried out one of the DD3s, but I went all out on the DD7 and I have no regrets four years later.
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I had a tc electronics flashback and I loved it. That would be something worth looking into. loop function, bunch of different settings, and has the toneprint function which is really great. definately worth looking at
I've had a DD3 for years - I also use an MXR Carbon Copy. Try a couple out and see what works best for you.
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DD-3 is best sound wise but lacks the tap delay feature which is almost a must if you gig live and also the dotted eigth which both the 5 and 7 have. The dd7 has been compared to the dd-3 when it comes to sound and has a built in tap but with the choice of adding an external pedal (also a must if gigging live), the dd5 ´s tap function is only accesible with an external pedal. Keep in mind that you are going to be needing the boss powersupply (if your not running it with a battery) because they do not like being powered by anything else, don´t even dream of daisy chaining them through you pedalboards power outlet, and if your not very handy and can build your own you´ll be needing a boss FS-5U pedal for taping

I myself own the dd-5 and am quite happy with it, I looked at the DD 7 but I really didn´t need any of the xtra features that it offered, found that the sound quality was pretty much the same and figured I ´d save a Little and put the xtra money towards some other pedal I had more use for.
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