i think i recognize you! your pieces always have a calming, dreamlike quality.

the acceleration (dunno the term) at 1:35 was great, my favorite part so far. i like the second half of that motif, that changes into a happy version the second time.

i was expecting a more interesting ending, maybe end on a less conclusive note, but i guess this song wasn't meant to be especially adventurous. overall it was a very pleasant listen.

my one overarching observation about the two pieces i've heard from you is that i think they would be ideal as soundtrack pieces, but i'm not the type to listen to them on their own too much.

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Wow man you just blew my mind. That was incredible! You have a great sense of melody and progression. Nicely done! I really like the buildup to the chorus and the chorus itself was great as well. The bridge was well done, a little more interesting melody over it would have been even better though (no complaints however). The outro was a bit bland, a key change to a higher pitch playing the same melody is how I see it ending perfectly haha, but its still great.

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At 1 second in, I can already say that the overall sound of the piano is great. Good development in the intro, steady but surely you elaborate more on your first idea. Tempo change is really interesting and seamless. May I suggest you could use different chords? The progression you use is quite generic, not always a problem but if you can avoid it it could be a good start. The next idea is cool, the 6/4 idea is really good yet different. Overall the piece has really good melodic development and the dynamics throughout the piece shows good variation .

Really nice stuff, I'm a fan of instrumental piano music and this is great. Keep up the good work!

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Great sound, really atmospheric. The part after the intro is really nice and draws attention. The chorus is beautiful too, energetic but still atmospheric. The song has a really nice ambient atmosphere, the progression is great and varied. The buildup towards the end is beautiful. Maybe the ending note is a bit too conclusive, but that's really the only thing. Mooi nummer!

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