I'm writing this post because I was wondering about policy of contributed tabs.
I understand that by adding a tab I am automatically giving rights to site's owners.

Are they allowed to share my tabs with other websites? If not, Is coping tabs from UG and posting them on other websites legal?

To clarify things: I uploaded my tab of Blue Stahli - Shotgun Senorita to UG, and today, just by accident, I found my tabs on guitartab.com. Those are exactly mine. They even share my information (nick and email). I believe that this site is just somehow forwarding tabs from others without putting any source.

Do I have a right to write to them and demand erasing my tabs from their website?

I would appreciate any information.
Thanks in advance!
No, UG doesn't have any rule against sharing. In fact, there used to be a link on the tab itself that took you to 911 Tabs, which showed several different sites your exact tab was posted to, but it was removed. Not to say that they'll intentionally hand out your tabs to other guitar tab sites, but they aren't really responsible for tab sites that do that.

Besides, most of UG's tabs are free, so having them put on another tab site isn't doing much harm. Especially since it's helping out the few that use those other tab sites. The only problem is if you find a mistake in your tab and fix it, the other sites won't update.

If you're bothered enough with it, what you can start doing is adding a "Tabbed @ Ultimate-Guitar.com" somewhere to your tabs. That way, it directs some people here.
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I can tell even more, 911tabs is owned by UG, so don't worry and be happy that your tabs are spread out far away.

Actually, we can not control other tab sites when they are stealing content. But google can, and it'll show UG first in search results.
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