Hey all!

First of my gear so u have idea what could be wrong:

Guitar i mainly use with band: Esp LTD - MH-1000 Deluxe
Cab/head: Ibanez (cant seem to recall model atm) and Bugera 333XL infinium
Guitar goes thru a Korg ax3000g.

Now my problem is just simply muddy sound, like there was something against the cab that muddens the sound at lower ends. High end sounds perfectly clear, no matter how i adjust settings, it's the same, Unless i put bass to almost 0 on Korg and on Bugera it's muddy. I can't do that on bugera of course, it would mess up when changing sounds at korg.

Anyone have any idea what's wrong? Should i start saving for another cabinet?
your cab sucks, get another one

Is it muddy without the Korg plugged in? This maybe a the issue if it goes away when you remove the Korg
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Generic answer here....

Cab models in a multifx can muddy up the sound when used with a guitar cab. If you can, try turning off cabinet modeling. If you can't set that as a parameter then try turning off the amp model. Use dirt stomp modeling instead.