I'm beginner guitar player. I don't like sound of my guitar. I want to upgrade it. Would you recommend any not so expensive guitar strings and pickups? The model of my guitar is PAC112J. Does the size of pickups matter? I want good clean sound for overall playing styles. Thanks in advance.
What specifically don't you like about your sound?

What amp are you using?
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Just buy new strings. New strings will always make your guitar sound a lot more "fresh".

Oh, and I remember when I had just started playing the guitar and wanted to upgrade my Epiphone Les Paul. I made excuses to upgrade it. I didn't want better tone or anything, I just wanted to upgrade it for the sake of upgrading it.

But yeah, I use Ernie Ball strings (9-42 gauge) and I have never snapped one. But really, the brand doesn't matter that much. I usually buy the cheapest strings (and Ernie Balls are the cheapest in the store I buy my strings).

As others have asked - what amp are you using? If you want a better tone, it's usually due to your amp, not your guitar. You won't notice that big a difference between different pickups. Or yes, there is a difference but upgrading pickups is more like fine tuning the sound. A humbucker is going to sound like a humbucker and a single coil is going to sound like a single coil. I'm pretty sure it's your amp that needs to be upgraded. Amp makes a lot bigger difference in sound than new guitar or new pickups are going to make (unless you are talking about different pickup types, but your guitar has both single coils and humbuckers).
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