Im not a fan of fender, but I keep hearing how great the sterling sub ray 5 is. Im looking at that bass and the LTD B-205 sm. Im very interested in that bass, but people keep saying LTD basses arent good for all genres. If anyone could get back to me, tell me your opinion and what you would recommend.
Isn't Sterling the cheap(er) line from Musicman and not Fender?

If possible, try them both. What sort of sound are you looking for?
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Isn't Sterling the cheap(er) line from Musicman and not Fender?

If possible, try them both. What sort of sound are you looking for?

Leo helped found Musicman, and designed the original instruments, so they very much are 'Fender instruments,' same as G&L. I'd say G&L, Musicman, Fender in terms of how good Leo's offerings were.
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If you are going for versatility, look to the sterling sub. I have had a few ESP basses and have never been impressed. Necks are too easy to warp, the quality feels lower than their guitars, and you have to usually have to go high-end basses in the ESP stable to get quality. Sterling puts a lot more inspection points in their products.
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Sterling Subs are surprisingly stellar for the price.

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Well, I'd recommend you to compare the LTD you mentioned with the Sterling SUB ray (4 or 5 string version, depending on which you are looking for) one next to the other. You said you were very interested in the LTD, so I'll assume you've played it. Give the Sterling SUB a try. I agree it has good quality for what it's worth. Still, look for Sterling ray 34s (or 35s for the fiver) used, because you may find one in your price range and that is quite a jump in quality and sound.
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Buddy if you want bang for your buck and still end up with a sick bass, I completely and confidently recommend the Peavey Millenium series. The single coil 5-string you'd probably find for 250ish in stores, the humbucker 5-string for 300.

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