Hey all!

So my bandmates and I recently finished a track that will be part of our new album coming out this winter. We do all of our production in-house with all of our guitar processing done through free .vst's!

We work in Sonar X2 with alot of the TSE and Poulin plugs for a variety of tones. SSD sampler is our choice for drum sampling, and the waves complete pack is where the bulk of our processing comes from.

Let me know what you all think of it, as stated I'm totally down for doing some C4C!

Awesome intro and the production on this sounds wicked. Wicked riff and lead work at the start. I thought the amount of drums in the 25 second mark was a bit innappropriate. The following up-beat riff is great and adds a new energy to the song. The layered riff is great with the rhythm guitar covering the bottom end and lead covering the higher frequencies. The song is developed quite well. Do you guys usually have vocals in your songs? I think the song could do with some vocals, both harsh and clean.

The playing on this is awesome, really tight which is good to hear. Are the drums programmed?

Really like the odd-time section the 2:45 mark and the riff that follows. Really reminds me of a good mix between Animals as Leaders, Periphery with a bit of Dream Theater. If I could suggest anything about the production, maybe a bit less high end and more mids. But that's just me.

Keep up the good work!
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