I recently got an used Zoom G2.1u multieffects pedal, and I checked it and its in a pretty good condition. I connect it to my Gio Ibanez GRX70DX guitar and a basic Ibanez 10W amp.

When I connect the guitar directly to the amp, its pretty loud. But when I connect it via the Zoom pedal, the volume is too low, I basically have to turn it up all the way to hear the guitar faintly and still the string noise from my playing drowns it. Its the same case if I directly connect my headphones to the output jack of the pedal as well. I've tried turning up the master volume in the pedal too but it doesnt seem to help. Am I missing some sort of volume setting in the pedal?

Please help me out guys, its kinda frustrating
Make sure your not plugging your guitar or amp into the control socket on the G2.
One thing to do would be to select a patch, turn off all the effects and see what happens. Also, run it in bypass mode and see what happens. last resort - restore the G2 to factory settings. If none of those things work, then you most likely have a dud unit.
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