I just ran across a review of these guitars on the musicradar.com site and was surprised how good they were. I'd love to own a Strat since I already have a LP-like guitar, but I just don't really have the cash to buy a 'true' Fender (considering I'm also planning to buy an Epi ES-339 Pro and a Yamaha 12 string on top of it ). Won't be the whole deal but will probably be good enough. Trouble is none of the music stores in my area seem to have any for me to try. Has anyone here (who also tried a 'real' Fender) tried one, and if so, what are your opinions? Thanks!
Yeah, most of the reviews I'm looking at are surprisingly good. I was going to try to go for the Epi first but since it's similar in a way to the one I already own, I'm thinking of going for that one first. Plus it'd be fun to mod!
I've tried one. I have also tried higher end Fenders. I find that the Classic Vibe teles are a better bang for your buck than the strats, but the strats are still very nice value for the money. The guitar detunes pretty quickly when using the tremolo bar though, so if you were to buy one, I'd suggest you either buy a new bridge and tuners or set the bridge so that you can't use the trem (by adding springs). The necks are very glossy, some people really dislike that. Personally, I'd go for a MIM Fender, either used or new. A used MIM will probably run you the price of the Classic Vibe. If you do end up buying a Classic Vibe, try one out first.
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