so i recently bought a esp ltd100fm, not a high quality guitar by any means but it suits me until i save enough for a synyster gates special. but anyways i have a floyd rose special and i currently have ernie ball regular slinkies 10 - 46. when i bend them it pulls down on the floyd rose. is that suppose to happen? also what kind of strings and gauge should i get for a floyd rose if i do aggressive bends in drop d/ standard?
A synyster gates special is probably worse than the LTD.

Add a spring like suggested and I would go to 10-52 for drop D. String brand is unimportant. Everyone has there own thoughts and opinions on strings. Try several until you are happy.
you can just adjust the screws from the claw on the back (where the strings are attached to). a few turns can go far enough to work.

i play heaver strings, so i do use five springs.
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