Hey people, this is my first ever post on this forum so please go easy on me.

I have a problem regarding the X3 Live and my Peavey 6505 212 Combo:

I have it set up in the 4 cable method

Guitar > X3Live guitar in
X3Live effect loop send > instrument input of amplifier
Amplifier effect loop send > X3Live effect loop return
X3 line output > Amplifier effect loop return.

However when the X3 plugs into the return on the amp it stops becoming an amp and acts more like an external speaker for the X3 Live to play through, even when the Amp/Cab sim is off. I have been trying to troubleshoot this but I don't know where to start.

If I unplug the amp effects return part and only use the pre fx loop it works fine but I can't get the post effects such as delay to work at all.

Is there another way I can achieve the 4 cable method or does anyone know what is up with this? I've been trying for a few hours now
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I think you have the cables mixed up. Try:
Guitar > X3Live guitar in.
X3Live line output > Amplifier instrument input

Send and return, you might have to toy with, but essentially the X3Live should match up with the amp's effect loop send/return. You may have to reverse them though (X3Live Send > Amp effect loop Return).

The reason the send/return might be different is that on a pedal board (which is what I use), it goes Effect loop pedals Input > Amplifier Send and Effect Loop pedals Output > Amplifier Return (which is kinda like a reverse). But it may be different given that you're using an effects processor.
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I'm not familiar with the X3, but is there anywhere you can go in to rearrange the signal routing? That's where your problem is, you need to make sure your effects are taking place where they need to be in the chain, otherwise it's really really easy to just completely kill your signal, like you're experiencing.
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