I know this is a PRS copy. This guitar is loaded with Planet waves locking tuners, a seymour duncan neck, Gibson Iommi bridge pickup, a push pull knob, a distortion pot, and a double locking jack. I need help in identifying this guitar as I traded my RG320SE with a hardcase and a Peavey Predator + 7 string. I have a feeling I got scammed. Please help me identify this guitar. I'm not sure what the logo on the headstock is as well.

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I hope it plays really well! Were you led to believe it was a real PRS? Most likely, it's a no name
knock off from the 80s that's been customized a little.
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why did you trade all that gear for a guitar you were unsure of?

+1000 that was a dumb move.

Doesn't look very expensive. My guess is its a Dillion or some other cheapie copy.
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You should've had it identified before you traded all your shit.
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Yep. Not a PRS. I tried to locate that logo, but couldn't. Fact is, you only got scammed if you were told it was a PRS guitar and it's not. If you were told it was a copy and you're happy with the way it plays, then perhaps you didn't fare so poorly.
yeh not a PRS though if it plays nicely im sure it could be a custom jobby, the logo on the head to me looks like someone signing their name "Ray" so someone called ray may have had it commissioned... but that's just a guess...

if it plays like crap, then you got burned. but if you like it and just want it ID'd then it seems we're all in the same boat as you, just guessing really.
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could use some better pics.

I could be wrong, but it looks like the flame goes through to the faux binding? if so, if the entire top is flamed, it could well be a high-end (luthier?) copy. they don't normally use highly figured solid tops on cheaper guitars.
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