I really need to know if there are anything wrong with the mixing and eq. The track is called "Branded" and it is under Music in my profile. Thanks in advance.
A couple of points in no particular order that I'm too lazy to form into a paragraph or something:
-guitars are too compressed, sounds like it was recorded through a digitech pedal, am I right?
-guitars are also way too loud
-song is very repetitive (not to do with recording quality, I know)

my personal cheat is to use a multiband compressor when mastering. most free DAWs don't have it, I know Audacity doesn't, but you can torrent or get off your lazy ass and work up the money to buy one any time. The second thing you should work towards is a good I/O box, like an M Audio or something like that, because almost all USB I/O's have the hassle of latency and usually noise. But, if you don't plan on dropping a lot of cash down, I'd just turn the guitars down, turn everything else up, and maybe make them a bit warmer (slightly increase the mids). To get a seriously good mix its going to cost a fortune. I'm about $6000-8000 deep in my home studio and nowhere near satisfied.
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