D: Broke a high E string today on my Floyd rose, then i decided to rip off all the strings, the Floyd is sunk into the cavity and i decided to take off the Floyd it self, it sort of snapped out of the cavity i checked the knife edges and there's a very very tiny chip (0.5 mill deep and 1 mill wide) it doesn't hit the knife edge and it stayed in tune perfectly before i took the trem out, should i be worried
But I think the Floyd Rose should be worried.

You might want to get to a point where you have a clue before proceeding.
Mm, if the Floyd doesn't stay in tune when i put it back in, if i hard tail it completely from both ends dive and lift would it cancel out the fact that the knife edges are damaged
So, i was looking more closely at the knife edges on the Floyd and its damaged, its rounded into the knife edge its self and the knife edges seem to be copper o.0 or some sort of bronze metal or some sort, it isn't dull at-all its just a small circle rounded into the edge, if i hard tail it, would it cancel out the fact that the edges are damaged?
All knife edges wear. Your guitar should play fine. I have a Lo-TRS II FR with copper half moons ate out of it and it still holds a tune unless I dance on the wammy bar for a long time. Just put it back in and restring it.

I don't think you will have any tuning stability problems when you put it back in. I do however think you have almost no chance of setting it up properly since it seems like this is all new info for you. I would carry it a guitar tech for a setup. Not trying to be dicky, but it will save you a ton of headache.

Good luck and have fun!
I can setup a Floyd in terms of stringing etc, but i never was sure on the knife edges :P thanks for the advice since i was unsure if the wear on it would effect tuning