Hello fellow guitarists

Recently I came upon a Fender Telecaster '72 reissue Custom made in 2002 sold for 300 pounds (about $480)
I researched a bit and apparently a new model costs around 780 pounds
In the pictures the seller posted there are just minor scratches and I've been offered to come and check the guitar
my question is, does it sound valid?
If you can give me some points to go over while im checking the guitar i'll be more than thankful

also, how do i know the frets are properly conditioned?

Lots of thanks ya all!
My only advice, play it, if you like how it plays buy it, cause that's what matters....

However that being said. it sounds a little cheap vs ebay or other pricing, I am no expert on Fenders, I know where they are made makes a huge price difference....

if it's a USA made you can double check the serial on fenders site,

sorry I couldn't be more helpful
It's sounds okay - I think the 2002 models were built in Japan, so not a "true" reissue.

But as beanamid say; try it first.
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