Hello! First post! I have an idea of making a travel sized guitar that is in the shape of an Explorer. While it would be used for traveling, I wouldn't mind using it to actually practice or play at the same time. First, a little about me. I've been playing for a year, I am not in a band, and I do not gig, I play for fun. I have a Les Paul with an EMG 81 in the bridge that I generally have tuned half a step down for my metal stuff, and I have a Jay Tursur Strat style guitar (that's a replica of Billie Joe's with a Seymour Duncan hummbucker) that I also have generally tuned half step down for punk/alternative.
I would probably would actually start this project after Christmas (when I get the money and parts needed). So as I said, it would be travel sized. Since I have never built a guitar and know very little about the woods in guitars, what are the best options and for cheap? ($500 is maximum, but would like to keep it around $300). I have thought about taking one of those mini guitar's necks off to use, but I'd like to have your opinion. This guitar would be generally standard tuning used for almost any genre (so I can keep the others half a step down) and what would be the best pickup? I most likely would have only one pickup but maybe I'll put in two. I'd also include a toggle switch to act as a kill switch.
Thanks for reading!