I'm a total newbie buying a guitar from my daughter. Looking for a basic student acoustic. I see easy to play being more important than perfect sound. I saw a Greg Bennett GD50 kit at a good price; but can't find much info on this guitar. If you have played the GD50, how is the action? Is the sound at least a 7 out of 10?

I am seeing some info that makes it appear to be a re-branded Jasmine. Do you know if that is the case?

I know that a solid top such as Yamaha is ideal; but looking to get her started at a slightly lower cost.
the lower cost will only allow her to give up faster. while Greg Bennett guitars are generally pretty good, i have no knowledge about that model. lower cost guitars are usually much harder to play and people tend to give up easier. ever drive a car without power steering? not so fun to drive thru the city with is it?
the Ymaha fg700s would make a fine beginner guitar that is much easier to play than anything else in its price range. she would be much less apt to give up due to the unplayability of the instrument.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I second the Yamaha fg700, the ms model is a bit cheaper(its not a satin finish),still every bit as good. Its not that much more than the gd50.

Have fun looking