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So I just got done arguing with someone (who I don't really know) on Facebook. Anyway, basically what went down is he said that it's impossible for music to actually save someone's life. That it can't influence a person's decision enough for them to rethink an awful decision like suicide. I personally believe it is very possible for music to save someones life. It can give people hope and open their eyes up to things they may have not seen before.

I was just wondering what insight the Pit had on this subject.

Can music save someones life? Vote in poll.


Seriously though, it totally can.

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You know there's an entire medical field called Music Therapy?

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Yeah in all seriousness I'd have probably killed myself a long time ago if I didn't care about music. That guy's dumb
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Depends how you approach it.

Someone hears a song and suddenly they have an ambition to learn that song, make songs like it, or just make music. Now their dedication to learning music fuels their will to live.

Same can be said about any hobby.

But I doubt someone playing "Please Don't Go" when I'm about to jump off a rooftop will stop me from jumping.
Been trying for a while now to find a way to re-write the Fray's "How To Save A Life" using the original post. It's not wokring well for me.
Anything can save a life tbh; Everyone has different things that influence them deeply. That can be music, art or even eating a really good sandwich. Happiness comes from the weirdest places, but they don't have to be huge and powerful to have an impact to begin with.
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Abso-FAQIN-lutely. I'm pretty sure music saved my life... my spiritual life anyway. Never contemplated suicide but I really think my music helped me stay away from that dark place when I went through some serious shyt.
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When someone considers suicide, there's more than just rational though going on, hence the potential suicide. So nearly anything can help them out of that space, and that anything depends entirely on that person. Music could very well be one of those things. A Rembrandt painting could be one of those things. A baby crying. A stupid video on Youtube.

I'm not trying to simplify suicide and the thoughts that go with it, just pointing out that it's a complete toss up as to what can "save" a persons life when they are considering suicide. Craig Ferguson got offered a glass of sherry on Christmas and promptly forgot about his intention to jump off a bridge because he got drunk. Alcohol saved his life, even though alcoholism helped him to the point where he was considering ending his life.
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I love the idiots who are still on the anti-creed bandwagon. Creed is a great band. Tremonti is beast. I'm sure most of the people having Creed hate probably have one of their songs on their iPods. Most likely With Arms Wide Open, or Higher.
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Speaking from personal experience, yes.

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