So, being the curious person I am, I somehow "broke" the middle pickup on my Stratocaster today. The info: There is definitely electricity getting to the pickup, if I touch either of the solder joints it buzzes to beat heck, but if I use it with the switch, nothing comes. There's still magnetic force there too. What's up, and is it an easy fix?
Get a soldering iron and re-flow all of the contacts.

For the sake of completeness, a few of your notions there are perhaps misguided. Electricity does not go to the pickups in the way you implied. The pickups themselves are inductors; they create a current that moves to the amp, which then amplifies that signal until it's audible. There is no power going from the amp to the guitar. Also, the magnets in the pickups are permanent, so barring some sort of catastrophic damage, the pickups will always exert a magnetic pull, even if they aren't working at all.
Well. I learned something today, thanks Roc. Gonna do that after evening chores, hopefully that works.

EDIT 10/18/13: Well, I found the problem. A wire was indeed loose, but in the craziest possible way. It was split at the point where it would come from the wire from the switch. So, i ended up soldering a bridge to the pickup wire from the contact point. And it works! It also seems to have gained some chunk, but meh, chunk is good :3
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