Hey, all.

I'm in a bit of a crunch with time and I'm looking for nice piano songs in C major.
I have a DIY music box and I'm trying to have a piece by tomorrow.

Example of music box below:

That music box can only do the C major scale and I'm quite not up to date with modern romantic-ish piano songs.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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but pick anything and transpose
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Transpose, dawg.
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Can't you just transpose any song into the key of C? I'm sure you can find an app or something for that if you can't do it yourself.
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Can't you just transpose any song into the key of C? I'm sure you can find an app or something for that if you can't do it yourself.

Came to say this
It's over simplified, So what!

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Key is the least of you worries.

What is the octave spread of your instrument?

Do you have dynamic range at all?

I'd say a contrapuntal piece is perfect, like Bach's Bourree.


- Relatively closed range.
- Does not need dynamics to sound good
- 2 melodic lines, means not a lot of work. You probably don't want to make holes for a gazillion chords and melodies.
- Easy rhythm (Time consuming to deal with awkward 16th note rhythms)
(no rubato as well) You don't want chopin, would be near impossible to get the feel down in your setting, unless you work 48 hours straight on it or something, with lot's of starting over.
- Recognizable

Seems a winner to me

If you don't like it, try some Ragtime music. Rhythm is straightforward. Can be effective in close ranges, and does feature a lot of single noted counterpoint, which just saves you a lot of hassle and/or time.

Also favours a high Boom-Chick/stride rhythm, which gives you one if not the strongest rhythm without dynamics.

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