My bass just broke... and im looking at these 2 basses

Ibanez SR405QM

LTD B-205sm

Which do you recommend????

Edit: Try them both if possible and pick which one feels best to you. They are quite similar basses in terms of specs. I'd go with the Ltd if it was me though.
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I would have to go with the LTD also, and as said above, try both of them out if you can.

In the past though, I've found that I like the neck and feel of LTD Basses and Guitars alike as compared to Ibanez.

The big question is the pickups though. I'm not familiar with the pickups on the Ibanez, but I'd be slightly wary of ESP-brand pickups. I've owned an LTD Guitar and Bass (I have a good friend who plays an Ibanez Bass, and I've played it numerous times. I don't own a 5 string bass, after all). Anyway, I ended up replacing the pickups in both instruments. It might just be my personal preference, but I don't really like ESP-brand pickups. I think they sound cheap.

Just something to look into. Again. Try them out if you can, or at best, go to guitar center and try a few similar models from both manufacturers. You might fall in love with one or the other or something completely different.
Try them both out since they have completely different necks and body feel.
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How broke is your other bass? Could that be fixed?
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What do you mean by "broken"? You have to do some serious damage to make a bass beyond reasonable repair.