I`ll play rock throught alternative rock, rock with wierd efect ,hardrock, grunge, melodic metall without shred special metal.
I prefer long sustain. Guitar have to be as comfortable as it could. I want to play clean too but prority is od channel.

I`ll buy too one of JCA50h/100h/100hdm. So guitar have to compatible with one of that amps.
I bought a mayones Setius GTM 6 for €1300 (about 3 years ago).
It's well-built, I love it, and it perfectly describes the specifications you gave.
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Quote by Lord Waltaa
I bought a mayones Setius GTM 6 for €1300 (about 3 years ago).
It's well-built, I love it, and it perfectly describes the specifications you gave.

I think your forgetting about something...exchange rates! We're talking U.S. dollars. Currently that amount in Euros is closer to the 2k mark. 3 years ago? I think it was even stronger, which would be favorable if the Euro has weakend.
the OD channel is a major concern with guitars.

you probably want a used PRS Custom 24, hugely versatile, great OD channel, comfy as hell.

Brand new shiney Gibson Les Paul Studio for $1350 or
Used Gibson Les Paul Studio for $800 then add pups of your choice or
Brand new not so shiny Gibson LPJ for $800 then add pups for your choice

Go for something post 2007 for the LP Studio as it will be chambered and lighter. For pups I'd go SD 59/JB if you like passive or EMG X series for active. The stock 498t and 490r are good but maybe not as metal as you want.

just my 2 cents.
You can find some awesome used Carvins on craigslist and ebay for <$1000 all day long.
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are you in teh US? carvin will get you a LOT for 1500 if you dont get teh crazy woods. crazy woods wil leat up a lot of that 1500 value, but if you want a painted, solid color, you can trick a DC series out....totally pimped out for about 1500. that may include aftermarket pickups installed afterwards.

carvin pups are good but not great. if you do make a selection, tell then you air aiming more for crunch / gain, their generally suggested humbucker set is versatile but not as well suited for the brootz.
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You can always go for one off the shelf high-end model from any reputable brands out there. I doubt that any of them will disappoint you. Go to a store and have a blast at them.

For 1500 buck I would go all out customization. Carvin or Warmoth, depends on how much assembling and wiring I am willing to make.

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Check out Jon Kammerer guitars. I own 5: there're extremely well made, play like heaven, and his stock models start at $1500; custom starts around $2500.


His standard electric guitars have the following options included for this price:

Satin or Gloss finish
24 fret fret board (with blind fret slotting*)
Multiple pickup configurations with single coils, humbuckers, or P-90's
Case included
Limited lifetime warranty
Your choice of Hard Maple, Soft Flame maple, Walnut, or Cherry for the body.
Gold, Chrome, or Black Hardware

And here's the thing: he's having a sale! 30% off in stock or new custom orders! (I may be adding JKG #6 to the collection sooner than I thought...)

* Blind fret slots are where the slot is stopped before the edge of the fret board. His are cut with a cutter that is .023 in diameter, it stops about 2 mm before the edge of the fret board. IOW, there is no exposed fret edge.
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