Sick dude! Really good stuff. Your playing is spot on, and I'm impressed with the tones you are using (both clean and distorted) as they sound a lot like the ones in the actual song (although the tone used from 2:31 to 2:45 could use a just little tweaking, but that's just my opinion!)

I can hear (or, at least, I think I hear) that you recorded both the lead and rhythm guitar parts, so if you decide to make more videos in the future, you should try shoot them both and then edit them together into the frame, because that would make a sweet video! And don't sit so far away from the camera next time - makes it kind of hard to see your excellent playing!

Overall, very good work. I'll give your cover a 'Like' on YouTube as well. Keep it up man!
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Looks like you're having a lot of fun when you play

Your playing is very tight and I agree with peepster's comments on your tone. Maybe a tad less gain for the distorted parts though? Just my personal preference. Overall I think it's a great cover!