Last night I tweaked out what I thought was the best tone I've gotten out of my Eleven Rack. I played to a drum track using Addictive Drums and the track is just guitar and drums, no bass guitar added.

The main purpose here was to test how the guitar sounded (thats why theres a chunk with no drums also). This morning I listened to it again on some other computer speakers instead of my monitors and it sounded to me like I may need to dial back on the bass a bit and when it comes to mastering it later on I'm going to need to turn the gain up some and compress it a bit.

I'm new to recording anything really and would love some tips from anyone while I'm here! Is there a certain decibel range that rhythm metal guitar should be between? Bass guitar as well?


Here's the link! Sorry guys, I'm an idiot and forgot to put it here earlier:

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Do you have a link? Sorry If I am blind but I don't see one

Just so this post isn't a waste, I'll tell you basically what everyone else will tell you: as far as decibels go (not sure why you want to know that) i would say loud. Metal is notoriously loud. If you mean frequency, I usually boost 250 hz, 1.4-1.6khz and like 6.7-7khz for presence, unless you think it is treble-y enough without that boost. Hi Pass at 150-200hz (usually 200 to let the snare have that area of the frequency spectrum) and low pass at like 12k i guess that's usually what I do. I also scoop out a lot of muddiness at like 400-500hz and sometimes 700-800hz and scoop out fizz at 3-4khz. this is all opinion and I am sure someone will argue with me but thats what i do. You really have to find out what you like. As far as tips on YOUR tone, again, I can't find a link anywhere so can't help you ha-ha.

Also, this all depends on how you mix every other instrument. Those frequencies are coordinated to mix with how I EQ my drums, so if you do that differently, it is quite possible that you won't like your mix if you listen to what I said.
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Sorry man, I just put the link up. I completely skipped putting it on here earlier

Awesome advice. I was asking about the gain because I noticed most songs that I load into Pro Tools will be pretty high in gain where I usually have my clips at a lower level after a raw recording.
Usually a few DB are added in the mastering process, which is a complete separate process done after mixing. So if you are loading mastered tracks into Pro Tools, then that would be why the gain is usually higher. Be careful not to have your recordings clip though, because that is generally unpleasant to the ears.

Also that tone is pretty bad ass. I would keep it as is honestly but some people love tweaking. As far as adding bass...

If you have a bass guitar that's great use it, if not just pitch shift your guitar down and octave. It's usually tricky to have a tight and fat low end at the same time. I usually boost my snare at 200 and my kick at 50 and 100, so I cut those frequencies out of the bass guitar. (usually with a high pass at 50) and Ill boost 70 and 150 to make it fat. I like a clangy bass so I boost around 3k and 6k but that probably wont work with some amp simulators because they have a lot of fizz in that area. But always remember when you are mixing bass: most people dont have speakers with a good low end. thats why i boost at 150 to fill out the low mid section. I also boost it at 1k and cut out mud again at like 400 and 700 but really its preference. Some people actually like a muddy bass but if it starts to mud up the mix then thats when you want to cut frequencies.
Thanks for the compliments man! It took me some time to tweak it. Hopefully it sounds like a pretty good tube amp/mic'd amp. Its just my Agile 7 string into an Eleven Rack!

I do play bass and keys/synth pads as well so I'm going to be really messing with mastering on all of it. I never thought to just octave the guitar down in the past, but I'll be playing separate bass lines either way.

Thanks again.
It's a pretty catchy track to begin with. The drums came out well, but the guitar didnt quite fit in. Tight playing over all though. I liked the riffs. Cool track.

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