Hey guys. I'm in the market for a guitar to satisfy my 80s rock, hair and heavy metal needs but also to deliver a good modern metal/metalcore sound too. I'm going to be jumping tunings quite a bit so id rather not get another Floyd. As far as shapes go, anything that's basic, no explorer or v's. I'm a little overwhelmed trying to find one which is why I've come here. Budget is under 800 and liked brands are Esp, Jackson, Epi, And Kramer. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !
Any of those would be good, get a HSH with splitable H for the most versatile, Ibanez is a good bet
Jackson DK2M, it has Seymour Duncans for pups(Jazz and JB) i believe. Should do everything you want.
i noticed you didn't mention ibanez, but, for $500 you can get a decent 1570 Prestige. nice guitars, most would replace pickups, i will too at some point. i got my 3550MZ for <$700 after tax brand new, just previous year and it is was in hiding at GC. i wouldn't expect that, but a used 2000 series is within reach, they are very nice guitars.

for comparison sake i have owne two jacksons, both MIJ, a DK2 and a DKMGT and they were very nice guitars and sounded great. but i ditched them for the ibanez's i picked up, the degree of a finish and quality wasn't as high.

i owned three LTD EC's, 400, 401, 1000, the 400 oddly was the best. the 401 was a piece of shit. the 1000 was pretty nice, but for some (maybe freak chance) the 400 was nicer and had less abalone. they have terrible resale value so they are a good deal on the used side.
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A (2012) PRS SE Custom 24 is right at the top of your budget. It'd be easier on your wallet if you went used though.

I can play what I consider metal and hard-rock on it all the way to chordy pop songs, even through my Engl (which is a great amp btdubs.)
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