Hey UG community, I haven't added to my page in a while, but I realized I hadn't added this one! So this is one of my songs, "Counting Days". Please give it a listen! Give any and all feedback, I can take criticism, and I can take a compliment too. And I'd be happy to listen to anything of yours! http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/thefall49/ Thanks!
I just listened it twice and i'm liking it for the most part Everything is played well, the vocals are pretty good, but there's something about the sound bothering me. Maybe the vocals are a bit loud: they feel a bit 'separated' from the mix.
I did get a bit tired of that first riff, but maybe I would feel different if I had listened it only once... I guess it's a bit long for the genre aswell... (just noticed the exact duration "4:20" )
I also listened to both the acoustic and electric version of 'Right now I need her' and I liked those aswell. Same feel about the vocals though, they're missing something in the mix.
Altogether I really enjoy your songwriting though and want to encourage you to keep on making music! Just trying to help with some constructive criticism

For the C4C part, you can check out my channels and my band in my signature, but I do play thrash metal, not sure if that's your thing. I did this pirate metal thing this week that anyone might enjoy though: https://soundcloud.com/andreas-stieglitz/why-is-the-rum-gone
Cheers mate