i am planning to learn three or four acoustic guitar songs to sing and play, outside with my friends. Could you recommend me some easy songs to play and sing pleas. I am really stuck.
It would be great if you would suggest songs which also can be found on UG writen in tabs.
That tab should contain chords AND strumming patern of right hand, because i am not so good that i could strum by ear yet.
I was already searching that kind of tabs but i couldent find any.
Thats why i seek help here.

Thank you for your help,

What I got - Sublime
Last dance with mary jane - tom petty
Sweet child o mine (just the chords)
That's alright mama - Elvis
No Rain - Blind Melon
Change - Blind Melon
sitting on the dock of the bay - otis redding
3am - matchbox 20
last kiss - pearl jam
Save tonight - eagle eye cherry
black horse and a cherry tree - kt tunstall
The Joker - steve miller band
Ants marching - dave matthews band
Plush - stone temple pilots
wish you were here - pink floyd
could've been a lady - april wine
keep on rocking in the free world
simple man

most of these should be easy to find on UG