So... We're a bunch of guys, who's talking about starting up a band..
I was asked if i could play bass.
Thing is. I'd love to play bass in the band, but I'm not a very good bass player. I do have one though, and I cam jam along to a few songs i like..

But what does it take to become a good bass player? Should I keep on jamming to songs I like or?
I dont play bass, but my firend borrowed a bass from his cousin for a LONG time and he let me fiddle with it for a while.

After playing guitar for 7-8 years, bass came naturally, however the new feel of it still has to be developed plus there are alot of different techniques and styles to play bass. I'm not gonna say Bass is easy, but it's easy to play right off the bat, but hard to master like all instruments and to develop smoothness.

So my only advice would be practice just how you would practice guitar, except really analyse your timing, try to be smooth when transitioning to different notes, use all your fingers (even on your picking hand) and play songs that would be fun and challenging to your level.
Play to just drum tracks/ with real drummers for a while to learn how to 'lock in' with them, which is possibly the most important role of a bassist, keeping the tempo and the groove. You're timing, more so than everyone else, has to be impeccable. Playing jazz and funk is recommended as it truly shows what a bass does and its function in an ensemble. Always try to learn finger-style too, as it makes you just that bit more versatile.
I was going to suggest jamming to songs you like, yes. Eventually you'll learn so many songs that you'll have the techniques down.

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Well; it sounds as though you are not brand-new to playing, so what is your skill level? Do you already play guitar, or some other instrument? That makes a big difference in telling you where to start.

As others have suggested, your best bet is to begin by...playing! You've got a bass. Pick it up, tune it to standard tuning and dig in! Start with chromatic exercises to get your fingers used to doing what they need to do. Play with a metronome to help build up timing. The bass is far less forgiving about timing mistakes than are the other instruments, with the exception of the drums. You are the anchor of the rhythm section; always locked in with the drummer. You and the drummer need to practice holding rhythms, switching tempos, and some odd time signatures to help you handle the changes smoothly.

You need to learn your scales. Start with basic pentatonic scales, then hit the modes. Learn your major, minor, 6th, 7th and perhaps even a diminished chord forms. That should keep you busy for quite a while, and if you practice it well, it will take you very far.

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Do you know how to play guitar?

If no, search for somebody who can. Whoever knows how to play guitar knows how to play bass at a beginner level which is good for you.


Learn simple riffs.

Search for bass tabs for Knocking on heavens doors. Most simple bassline you will ever find.
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Do you know how to play guitar?

If no, search for somebody who can. Whoever knows how to play guitar knows how to play bass at a beginner level which is good for you.

Or find an actual bass teacher. Or watch a couple of reputable videos on the internet. Being taught to play bass by a guitarist who doesn't understand the bass will risk terrible technique.
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