Alright so I want to know the best solution for curing raw fingers from excessive jamming on an acoustic? Especially my ring finger which bends most freq, it feels quite numb and when seen at different angles it seems as thoe a portion was shaved off. That is, due to the callous that I played right off my finger until it practically droped to the floor. Either way I've been playing through it nonstop practically jamming around 4-5 hours a day so it makes sense however I am unsure of the most efficient way to keep it from only worsening . I know rubbing alcohol somewhat works as well. I've been playing for 7 years.

Then again maybe I could just play to the bone and I wont have to worry about these problems anymore.
The only thing is I dont desire resting and when playing, the slight irritating feeling goes away and i can play as much as I want. I don't feel the true numbness until i stop playing. I can clearly see about 3-4 diff layers of skin on my ring finger as the center is pink. I just dont understand why my callauses are so severe as I have light gauge D'adario strings. Again, its not very painful but I'm concerned of the concaving getting far worse.