These are some random lyrics I made up. These are two DIFFERENT songs. Please give some feedback. Thank you!

I used to think love was for self conceited fools
but now that I have seen the truth
It hit me like a hurricane
I thought at first I was gaing insane
When I first came to you
And I thought I'd be through
I feel so constricted by the arm that's around me
I think I need some freedom baby
Your kiss makes me feel forgotten
You can't change what's already been written

You've never noticed the look in my eyes
Whenever they walk on by
That's not the reason why
I have to say good-bye

I thought you actually loved me too
But now I think I've been made a fool
I think I'm falling out of love with you
With you-o-o-o-ou
With you-o-o-o-ou
With you