Hey, I auditioned at Mcnallysmith and Berklee last year
I made it into the Mcnally program but I just skimped the Berklee program
Background Info: last year I auditioned with an acoustic guitar version of Paganini's 24th Caprice and I'm thinking either maybe adding tommy emmanuel's Amazing Grace and/or Robben Ford's Indianola

I'm Only a basic sight reader I have the Berklee method 1-3 and I'm half way through their 1st book

I'm pretty good at major/minor chords, I dabble in 7th's and such and I have a good ear
playing a solo comes pretty natural for me I would like any advice towards techniques to work on, theory to know
just a bit help never had a real teacher so i just did a lot of googling and listening to figure it out
Also I took a theory class once online it was really complex my friend who was a master violinist said that it was actually a combo of theory 1-4 all in one 12 week class so i did alright but haven't retained it all just that Neapolitan 6th chords were quite evil at the time,

also what other schools would be good to apply to that have a great guitar program
p.s. lots of background info apologies just getting a lot of details so i can answer a lot of questions before they're asked so please help if possible?
Contact the schools you're auditioning for and ask them.

We get a lot of these threads, we can only speculate.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Thanks, I've done that, I was just looking for more just info to go on and if anyone had any other school suggestions I'm just trying to look for a good program that I can excel in to get better
btw thanks for replying as well