Hey guys! Iv been working on this for about 2 weeks now and I think its finally finished! And I have someone else singing on it too, which is a big bonus for me lol, I reckon she nailed most of it!


But yeah, feedback on the song, the mix, melodies, the scatting and lyrics would be great! Any feedback is awesome
Cheers Guys!


Verse 1:
I will wait, I will wait for matching cups and kitchen sinks, Ill wait for the day when I settle down,
Give me love, give me free, I'll take the every with the thing, I wont let dog eat ways beg and hound.

Chorus: I dont know where, where we're going, I dont care

Verse 2:
I will chase, I will chase you to the top of mountain tops, I'll run skip jump and hop, and fly away.
I will go, I will go for hits and misses stolen kisses, shiny things will navigate my way.

Chorus: I dont know where, where we're going i don't care x2

Breakdown: incoherent babble... jokes its scatting!