Hello everybody.I currently own a Schecter Damien Elite.I love this guitar both in sound and design.However(it might sound stupid)i don't like the markings on the fretboard.I thought of changing the neck (e.g. a PRS neck.I love those birds on the fretboard)but I do not know if doing so will change the sound of the guitar either positively or negatively.Can you please let me know what will happen if I change the neck?
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As long as it's made of the same stuff as far as fretboard material and neck material, i.e. maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, your sound shouldn't change.
Just be mindful of your scale length and heel measurements. Probably should get a neck that hasn't been drilled for the attaching screws as they may not match your guitar.
I've swapped necks on both of my basses successfully.
Looks like the Damien is a maple and rosewood neck according to schecter's website, by the way.
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I think your easiest option is to stain the fretboard black (leather dye)...the dye will stick to the old fret inlays, then put some of these on http://www.inlaystickers.com/servlet/the-Fret-Markers-cln-Birds/Categories and lightly clear coat over the whole lot then using 2000grit sand paper take any shine of the clear coat. I have done similar jobs in the past and they turn out looking great