Hi Guys ,

Just here to gets some critique for my bands first ever Demo.

Any constructive criticism welcome. Just want to improve my mixing skills as well .

Thanks for listening if ever.

Prophecy of Ba'al - Ecumenical(Remixed)

*Updated the link, Removed too much compression
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You need to ease down on the compression man. there are no dynamics in the song, really over compressed. Just my 2 cents cheers
Thanks man for the tip man. I guess I spent too much time listening to it.
I guess I didn't notice that I overcompressed everything.
the song itself is quite good but the production isn't that great man -- need to eq more low end and turn the vocals up

and what ilesh said, lay off the compression - it's really hard to tell anything apart
the song is not bad but the mix make it sund like total mess.. you should turn the compressor a little bit down(if you used one), or, if you haven't , i think you could use an expander, which is basically the opposite of a compressor. dont turn it down too much, because this kind of mucis needs some compression though.

about the eq, do all the settings over again because it's just high frequencies and you cant tell whats going on during the song..you may have not heard it because of the setting on your pc's speakers that have to many low freq and you turned it down.

then, if you have more than one guitar, pan them and put one on the left, one on the right and one (usually the lead) in the center of the mix..if you turn the mids-high up a little bit on the guitars you wont have to turn up the volume too much and you will stil clearly hear every note.
Hi Guys, Just updated the link. Hopefully its not that compressed anymore.