Hey Guys,

So my close group of friends has a band, and we are all traveling abroad through our university to Prague this spring.

As an audio engineering student, I would love to do their live sound at the various spots we hit on our "tour" on the weekends.

Can I get some Euro guys help here? I have a ton of questions and am really just looking for some general information. Is "private sound guy" a thing over there? House sound guy? How's buying a small console over there? So much stuff to ask!!!

Thanks in advance, I would prefer if you guys hit me up on facebook as I haven't been on this forum in years- Travis Fodor

Thanks again guys

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It depeneds in what club do you play. It's like russian roulette. I think in Europe you'll meet more house sound guys than guys just for one band ;p Good luck!
As far as I know there's normally just a house sound guy. But if you turn up with the band and tell them I'm sure they won't mind taking it easy for the night and still getting paid