Hey, UG!

So I am a beginner guitarist and I MEAN beginner, an absolute novice. What music books do you recommend to a guy trying to understand the basics of music theory and the basics of playing guitar and learning a few beginner songs?

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Grey.
I wouldn't worry about books yet, get a good teacher to be ablse to really show you how to hold the guitar and get a feel for it, and to work out all the bad habits as soon as possible. After that, have him/her make a recommendation based on your needs and goals as a musician. That being said, Mel Bay is pretty much the standard, and his books are helpful if used along with lessons. Again, this depends on your goals.
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Watch as many "beginner vids" on youtube, learn your favorite songs (that are easy for beginners). I bought books when I first started they mostly collected dust after a few months, the only books I recommend are tabs of your favorite band's songs and scale books or anything to do with lead guitar, rhythm playing is always easier to learn from videos, for me anyway.
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If you want to learn the fretboard really well, I really like Musicians Institute Complete Fretboard Workbook. It's only like $14 bucks on amazon too.
Get a teacher. If only for a few months. They can show you technique and give you real feedback on what you may be doing wrong or right. Books and youtube only go so far.
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