I'm from Egypt and music stores hear have shitty gear so I've decided to get my first electric guitar (I play acoustic) for the US since I'm going there in a few months. I've decided to get an American Strat or Tele and get a small practice amp. I will buy a better amp later from Egypt but since this is possibly my only opportunity to get a decent guitar, I'm going to spend 90% of my budget on the guitar. So my question is what is the best practice amp out there for under 350$?? Any tips on buying from the US and what should I avoid when buying??

I play in our church band so most my playing will be worship stuff. Thank you

Sorry for my bad English. (My first language is Arabic)
If it's your first amp I recommend getting a modeller like a Peavey Vypyr Tube 60. It's a hybrid tube/solid state amp that has built in effects so you don't have to buy tons of pedals right off the bat.

My other suggestion would maybe try and find a used Egnater Tweaker, but since you're probably not used to the US used market it may be a bit difficult. Guitar Center has a great website with lots of used gear from all over the country.
If 10% of your budget is $350, it would stand to reason that your entire budget is $3500?

If that's the case there's no reason with that money that you can't get an awesome guitar AND amp while you're here.
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That was a mistake I meant most of my budget which is 1600$ not 90% percent exactly.
for 1600 you can get a pretty good guitar and amp
even better if you go used
the tweaker and maybe a mim strat would fit in your price range

maybe if you can find a used fender hot rod deulxe
Well, I'm looking for an amp under 350. 1600 is the maximum I would pay but I would definitely prefer if I spend less . So if you know any good amps for under 350 please list them.
It completely depends on what you're looking for in an amp, and what tones you want.

With that said, you could pick up a used American Deluxe Strat for around $900 and a Peavey Classic 30/50 for another $300-400 and be pretty set.
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