Hi guys, like the title says, anything that sounds good with distortion, has 24 frets and a floyd rose would be sweet I found this by doing some searching [forbidden link] , But I don't know if there's anything better I could buy for the samish price? I'd like to play rock (AC/DC, Rush) and metal (Dream theater, metallica, buckethead) almost exclusively on this (I have a different one for jazz), so any suggestions would be nice
the best used ibanez prestige you can find.

or a nice MIJ Jackson Soloist or similar.

but i do have to say i don't know how they are priced at that outside of the states.
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Can buy my jackson DK2M with emgs, if you like?
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^^ (trashed) yeah. or one of the MIJ charvel pro mods if you can still find them.

£500 is around about the budget that you can get a pro quality guitar if you know what you're doing, but you can also end up with lower/intermediate quality stuff if you don't. So it pays to be careful and do your research. if you're getting something with a floyd you really want it to be a quality floyd, too- OFR, schaller, gotoh, ibanez edge/lo-pro edge/edge pro or similar.

your amp is also incredibly important for getting metal tones.
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your amp is also incredibly important for getting metal tones.

I have a marshall valvestate 8080, so that provides good metal tones as it is