for some reason i can not figure this short riff. I've got most the rest of the song laid out on guitar pro. would really appreciate the effort lol. i cant wrap my head around it with all the lyrics going on in the background

the song is written in Drop A# (Drop Bb)


i cant figure out the last 10 notes lol. (well the last two notes are 12/14 i believe on the G-String [heh])
the song matches the rhythm guitar in 2/4 also if that helps :P
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I'm assuming you mean the lead riff here

The thing is in the first half of the second pattern (bar 3 ie) they've put in extra tracks playing other notes of the chord (G# major), sort of sounds like an arpeggio but it's not so the exact intended line there is sort of fuzzy
Edit: The riff keeps going in bar 8, it's just overdubbed by that. As for fretting I started on 12th on lower strings but it didn't make sense with notes and slides
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