Hey experts,

Here is the thing: I decied to change the pots in my cheap Epiphone Les Paul Special II because I could barely get any sound out of the guitar anymore, except when finding the sweet spot on the controls. Sometimes it could take ages to find it. I'm aware of the fact that I could just have cleaned the pots with some contact spray, but since I already replaced all the original parts on the guitar, why the hell not the pots, right? It's a good guitar to experiment on.

Now to the problem. In the guitar there are 2 500k pots, the guitar shop I went to gave me one 250k and one 500k pot. Is there any chance that this could still work or I shouldn't even try and just go back to the shop and get the right one?

tl,dr: Original parts in guitar: 2x 500k pots. New pots, 1x 250k and 1x 500k. Will the new pots work, or I should get the same ones?
They'll work, but it will sound different. 250k are more common on strats and other single coil guitars, 500k on humbucker-equipped guitars.
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Considering that your name is "MetalMullet" you won't like the sound from a 250k pot. Also, you want them to realize you know the difference at the shop. That way they won't slack off.
The 250k pots will bleed off more highs. To me it felt like I couldn't turn the volume knob up enough with the 250k pots compared to 500k.

I'd recommend returning them and sticking with the 500k pair.
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Look at the back of the pots. Does the 500k have an A with that number? Does the 250K have a B?

I would bet that the 500K is the audio taper (volume control) and the 250K is the linear taper (tone control)

My LP has 500K for the volume and 250K for the tone, sounds great. Did you get a .022uf cap also?
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