So I feel like I'm at a bit of an impasse gear wise. I feel like it's time to upgrade/add to my rig, but I don't know what I should get. Money isn't really an issue as long as it's good-bang-for-the-buck.

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Guitar wise I have a MiM Tele and a PRS SE Custom 24. I feel like I can get pretty close to both sides of the tonal spectrum guitar wise with these two. I also have an '87 Ibanez RG142 (a Strat copy) that I would like to mod and make my own guitar.

Amp wise, I feel like I can get a lot of tones out of my Engl Gigmaster. I feel like I should upgrade. I don't play big gigs by any means, nor do I gig too often, 4 months since my last one, so maybe it's not that big of a deal to upgrade.
I feel like my cabinet might be bringing me down a bit. Blackstar HTV-212 with Celestion Seventy-80's, which, from what I've read, people seem a bit "meh" about. Average. So maybe upgrade there? Probably new speakers as opposed to a new cab.

Pedals I think I could upgrade a bit too. The Bad Monkey is a fairly obvious weak link. I would mainly use it to fatten up/accentuate the Lead channel of the Engl, rather than use it by itself. The Boss flanger is a meh pedal to me, but I got it cheap so whatever. A distortion pedal wouldn't seem to be a good idea to me as the Engl is tube and regardless of the debate, it sounds pretty good to me.

I've been thinking about getting another amp and maybe getting an A/B/Y pedal to switch between them, but I don't know what to direction to go in for an amp. Fender DRRi or a Vox AC30/15, or something similar. I don't know much about amp voicings, but the Engl has EL-34's, like the Vox, but the Fender has 6L6's, right?

Anyways I'm kind of thinking aloud here, and trying to improve my sound. Thanks.
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I would definitely get a new cab first. Perhaps a Marshall 1936?

If you like your Bad Monkey, the Hardwire CM-2 is basically a Bad Monkey that's better all around.

I think Boss Flangers are actually pretty good and I was wondering about yours, the HF-2 is some weird model, that's probably why. Ditch it and get a Pink label (IMO) BF-2.
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bad monkey is fine, really.

cab/speakers might be the thing. it's really a judgement call, it depends on how much you can get a good cab already loaded with good speakers (you actually want/like) versus how much two new good speakers will cost you.

there's no harm in using a distortion pedal if you like it. there's no black and white rule about not using distortion pedals with tube amps, I dunno where that one started.

(and yeah i suspect your engl is hybrid, but as you said, if you like how it sounds, it doesn't matter)

Amp voicing is much more to do with the circuit than the power tubes used.

hit up youtube to get some vids on people showing you the kind of tones classic amps do, that might be an idea if you know you want something but aren't quite sure what you want.
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New cab would be the first port of call. The bad monkey is fine for what you're using it for I think. If you want a good flanger, I was always fond the of the MXR Micro Flanger, or maybe one of its bigger brothers.

As for running a stereo rig, not inherently bad, but what sort of tones do you need? And what do you like about the Engl and what could it improve for you?