Hi. I like the look of my glossy maple neck/fretboard, but the thing about it being sticky is pretty true, and it's a bit annoying when trying to move around without getting your palm and thumb sticking to the neck.

Is there any way to make it more slippery and not sticky without altering the finish of the neck? I like the shine of the glossy finish a lot.

wipe GHS fast fret on it

Rub it with steel wool
rub it with a scotch-brite pad
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Quote by samuraigoomba
I don't know, but my strat has a gloss finish but doesn't stick. I think the previous owner played it so much to kind of wear the gloss down a bit.

Apparently sanding the neck a bit can help.

That's removing the finish though isn't it? If it does come down to that, I'll try, but I'm wondering if there's ways to get the neck smoother without sanding out the finish a bit.
In the thread, some people mentioned gibson wax of some kind, and also some other product, I think it was scotchbrite. Look into those.

Satin finishes are definitely the future.
Satin finishes are a thinner finish right? I like the vintage gold honey color of my neck, but I do notice my hand sticks to the back a bit.