Anyone have any recommendations? I'd prefer not to change the tuning (standard) and I've realized I really need to up my speed. I've been trying Master of Puppets but it's just straight too fast for me so I need to practice something slightly slower. It can be any metal genre.
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KoRn has lots (maybe all, I'm not sure) of songs for 5 string, and Amon Amarth is tuned B E A D, but they're usually pretty quick.
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a good few mudvayne tracks can be played easily in standard. happy, internal primates forever and choices spring to mind, but they're kinda tricky at points
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Avantasia - Dying for an Angel

Someone knows my taste. It's a bit slow though.

Thanks for the suggestions so far, guys.
For how can I give the King his place of worth above all else
when I spend my time striving to place the crown upon myself?
Stratovarius-Forever is Today
Stratovarius-Run Away
Stratovarius-Awaken the Giant
Stratovarius-Halcyon Days
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"Would" by Alice in Chains. It might be for four string, but this is a great song filled with great riffs. Also, it's easy to play. The intro riff was the first thing I ever played on a bass.
Megadeth - symphony of destruction will be a easy one with some simple basslines

metallica- orion, has some fast parts, but the bass interlude/bridge thingy is a must to learn for every bassist

At the gates - cold or slaughter of the soul, some easy songs to learn for 5 string bass
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Play all the drop D songs you hated so much to tune for now. Killing in the name and Another Brick in the Wall come to mind.

Play master of puppets with the fifth fret, it is a lot easier.

Play the bridge/solo backing for Money ( pink Floyd ) one octave lower.

Some Korn songs can be played in standard but you need to develop his technique of slapping.

Animal I have become is fairly simple. It's actually a downtuned 4 string but can be played on a 5 string.

Nightwish songs have 5 strings.
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Nightwish songs have 5 strings.

hate to be that guy..
marco hietala plays 4 strings tuned CGCF or DGCF, but the songs are perfectly possible on a 5 string, might have a bit of trouble with the ones that keep going back to that open C or D, like romanticide
You can also play any song that is supposed to be played in E standard one string lower same frets, so one fifth below. It is a cool thing to experiment with.
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Thanks again for all the suggestions guys! When I said 5 string, I meant specifically bands that stay in standard. I hate to change tunings and as moody_git pointed out, a lot of songs hover their lowest open note so detuning is necessary.
For how can I give the King his place of worth above all else
when I spend my time striving to place the crown upon myself?
It is in no way necessary, except if you want to play the song EXACTLY like the original, which is not something you should always aim for.

Besides, even the open strings are avoidable by learning a bit of taping. Just tap the notes that you need instead of playing an open string.

As for the Nightwish discussion - though I like Nightwish, I am not a hardcore fan, but I am certain that I have seen one of their bass players ( they had 2 or 3 over the years, not sure which one is which ) playing a 5 string bass.

And even if a band has a downtuned 4 string, you can easily play it on a 5 string, because it has all the same notes + B.

It is hard to find a band that has a bassist with 5 string who stays in standard, and there are quite a few reasons for that.

Many people have a 5 string for themselves because they like and play them, but on the big scene, 4 string basses are still the most popular.

There are bass players who play 5 and 6 strings in Jazz, Blues and Funk but for their songs, you mostly won't be able to find a real tab, because those songs are complex and with many, many changes.

As for the heavier stuff, players tend to downtune their 4 string bass.

And when you go even heavier, you often find extreme metal bands who have DOWN TUNED 5 STRINGS.

Korns bass player Fieldy has a 5 string tuned to ADGCF.

No mater how you look at it, you'll hardly find anything that is not an extreme genre and has a standard 5 string.

Just play the DGCF or CGCF songs on a 5 string. If something weird comes up ( like an empty C while playing something up the neck ) try to tap it. If you find it hard, or it's really impossible, try using your ears. Play a fifth instead Or a third. Or play it one octave higher. Or don't play it at all. One note doesn't change a song.

And if it's a song where you have to do that constantly, well, then it's a really specific case and you'll either have to learn taping really good ( which, if you want to improve seriously, you'd have to do sooner or later ) or to use a capo/tune your bass ( which I don't recommend ).


One band which I can remember now is Metallica. A number of their new songs are now in Eb, so you can play them on a 5 string. ( keep in mind that Robert has a down tuned bass too, but as it's a 5 string, it doesn't really mater as I don't think he'll hover over and empty A string. And for the case he does, read the upper parts again ).


Long story short -don't search for specific bands, play the songs you like in lower octaves and increase your skill. Music is about expression, not about precise note-to-note performing.
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Children of Bodom, Symphony X and Alter Bridge use a 5, although you'll have to change tuning. A lot of Dream Theater stuff is playable on a 5.
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Protest the hero is good for prog.
Spawn of possession is good for tech death.
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Some Sevendust is in B as well as 5FDP. I find some drop D stuff easier to play in standard like Bad Girlfriend, Outshined, but other songs would be harder, Killing in the Name, Slither. A favorite of mine in B is Payback by Flaw, intro takes a bit to learn but the riff is awsome! \m/
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You won't find any good tabs, I tried to search for them yesterday, but you can learn to play it by ear, it's not really complicated.

If you should have problems, I can tell you how I play it.
Tune it to G# A# F A# D# and learn Tesseract's Concealing Fate.
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Tune it to G# A# F A# D# and learn Tesseract's Concealing Fate.

He wants standard tuning songs. Though this song should be 100 playable on a five string.