Guys, I need advice. I have bought the Kyser Quick-Change capo for a classical guitar and so far it has served me well, doing everything I need it to.
However, I was wondering whether I could used the same capo on my steel-stringed electric guitar without damaging either the capo or the guitar?
I am a reasonably experienced player, I have just not used a capo with an electric before.
Please help.
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Is the only difference that a classical guitar capo has a flatter surface than a gradiented steel-string one?
Generally, that would be a no. Classical guitars have flat fretboards, while steel string guitars are convex. (Outward radiused). You would not get a clean sound. Too tight in center, too loose at edges.
It won't hurt anything to try on your electric. Whether or not it works properly will come down to your guitar's neck and fretboard shape/radius. As you suspected, the difference lies in the flat vs. radiused fretting surface.
Thanks, guys!
I tried it out today, my electric guitar's neck is not overly curved so it worked quite well, with only a small reduction in pressure on the high e string.