Alright, still kind of new here, and new to electric in general. I'll try to make this as clear as possible, since people I've asked before seemed kind of confused.

I play a right handed guitar upside down (no adjustments. Low E is at the bottom for me - I'm a lefty).

I've been in the market for an Electric for a while now, and about everything except V's and stratocasters have been out of the question be it because of dovetail necks, or unfavorable cut aways.

I sat down in a shop, and got my hands on a right handed strat, the knobs weren't in my way when I played it - but I wasn't plugged in either, so I won't rule getting a pure right handed strat out of the question.

I guess what I really mean by all of this...

Assuming that all of the parts are fender, and they are all from standard sized guitars; will the outcome of frankensteining a left handed body, a right handed neck with a right handed nut, and a right handed trem/bridge work out fine (assuming that there is such a thing as a right handed tremolo)?
If the neck holes don't line up, you can always put dowels in the holes and red drill. Why not use a left handed bridge so the screws line up. The only differencenbetween left and right handed tremolos is where the arm is located
You can always just buy a lefty and have the nut changed so you can re string it where the low E is on bottom. The rest of the guitar will be set up like a standard Lefty but your strings will be righty.

I knew two guys who played like that years ago. One played locally the other was in a pretty big band
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