hi there,

I am on my neverending quest to find a Metallica-like chunky distortion (Sad but true intro / black album thick sound)

This is for home us only, playing Epiphone Les Paul Standard PTP into Roland Cube 20XL (for reference)

one of the online stores got some ridiculous sale on random effects and few of them caught my eye. I am looking for a bit of info on those effects so feel free to throw your opinions my way.

Pedals I'm considering currently:
Electro-harmonix Metal Muff - from what I saw very popular one but I'm not 100% convinced yet if it is the right one for me
MXR DD11 Dime Distortion - haven't heard much about it. does anyone can tell me a bit more?
MXR M-116 Fullbore Metal - while it doesn't really fit what I'm looking for I heard it is pretty versatile and might give the a wide range of different filth
Blackstar HT-DistX - this one is half price off and still costs twice the price of any of the above however I heard good things about it and I'm thinking that having my sound go through a valve before entering my solid state Roland might be a good thing.

so what do you guys think about it? As I said I am looking for that thrashy metallica sound but I wouldn't mind having a bit more versatility in terms of what kind of metal I can play.

Any help you throw my way is greatly appreciated
Get a new amp, throwing a pedal on top of the Cube is less than optimal. Sell the amp and if you want lots of versatility get a Peavey Vypyr tube 60
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Yup. Pedals are great when you already have a good amp with great, thick and juicy clean channel (tube amp especially) but putting a pedal in front of a practice amp is just a side step at best.

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I have metal muff. Im very satisifed with this. Its very variable. You get sound like metallica, roses, pantera but you can get harder sound like slipknot, cannibal corpse. Its good effect. I recommend